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Rasto Kuzel

Executive Director
Slovak Republic
I am a media & election expert with over 20 years of international experience. Since 1998, I have been running MEMO 98, a proficient media institution with extensive experience of delivering media monitoring on behalf of international institutions as well as technical assistance to civil-society groups. I have worked as media and election analyst, consultant, and trainer, participating in some 30 OSCE/ODIHR election observation missions, most recently in Italy, the Netherlands, and Iceland.

I have also worked in more than 150 election and media-related projects and missions in the framework of the UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, IFES, NED, NDI, DRI, and IMS, most recently in Ukraine, Thailand, Nigeria, Moldova, and Myanmar. For the last five years, I have focused intensively on the issue of propaganda and disinformation, conducting a research on the impact of Russian narratives in the former Soviet Union countries and beyond, conducting trainings in media monitoring and fact checking and participating at various events focusing on this issue, including RightsCon 2017, or the Digital Disinformation Forum at the Stanford University the main objectives of which was to network senior actors across politics, technology, academia, media, philanthropy, and activism to strengthen information integrity, particularly in the context of elections. In particular, I have focused on the role of social media during elections and ways to tackle their negative impact on elections processes as well as ways how to monitor these trends in the context of international observation of elections. Most recently, I participated in social media monitoring projects during the elections to the European Parliament, Ukraine and Nigeria.

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